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What sets rugby apart from the majority of the sports globally is that it includes so many different athletes. Players of all different shapes and sizes, male and female can enjoy the wonderful game. Through ThysRugby we want to share as much useful information as we can with players, coaches and fans so that you can all enjoy the best sport in the world with us. Too often information on training, coaching, nutrition and supplements are difficult to come by and almost never available in one place. We want to change that and will continuously work to expand the information on our site to make it even more accessible. 

Rugby Skills: turning good into great

Everyone loves seeing a Fiji 7s team with their dazzling and almost super human skills… A New Zealand Super Rugby team stringing together ridiculous passes to go through for another try… What people often don’t realize is that all rugby skills can picked up by just about every player. Through practice you would be able to reach some of these amazing levels, but that is only if you are happy to put in the time. We look at how players and coaches can work on rugby skills to take players and teams to a whole new level. 

We will look at a number of key areas that can be addressed to help improve skills across the board and to change the way you play the game completely. It may be a cliche, but it all starts with the very basics…

rugby skills from Fiji 7s team

From the perspective of coach, a player and a parent


There are many stages that coaches, players and parents go through when it comes to rugby. 

Rugby coaching is something that takes time, dedication and effort to improve at. Even though as a coach you might not be taking part in the practice sessions or the games, your understanding of the game and ability to help mold players and a team takes time, effort and dedication to get right. 

As a rugby player there are various stages that you will go through with different goals at every stage. This is also true of rugby parents who go along on this journey. We try and provide some insight and help on how to take on this challenge both as a player and a parent.