Honestly not sure what to write here, but every other site has FAQs, so I think it is best if I have one as well. As you send through your thoughts and comments, I will expand on this.

Q: Why did you start ThysRugby.com?

A: I love rugby and found that as a coach what I taught translated really well to players and parents. When chatting to friends, family and other coaches they also seemed to like what I had to say. So I thought why not chat with a much larger audience? Maybe I can add some value to the world of rugby!

Q: Why should we listen to what you have to say?

A: You don’t need to, but you have arrived here, so you are welcome to read a bit more. I will never know everything there is to know about the game or how to be a good coach. If I can add some knowledge based on years of playing and trial and error as a coach, then we move rugby in the right direction

Q: Is this only for coaches?

A: Definitely not! It is aimed at three groups of people, which include coaches, but are also aimed at parents of players and players themselves. With limited information available for some of these groups, we want to bridge some gaps in knowledge and understanding about the game

Q: Why share this for free?

A: I love the game. Plain and simple. Enough people are looking for a way to make a quick dollar. Why not just share some knowledge and our love for this great game? This site will ALWAYS stray a free resource of information and with your help, we can continually grow its content and answer those nagging questions.