Pool D – Argentina, Chile, England, Japan,  Samoa

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Similar to Pool C, this one will be a 4 horse race. 

A few years ago it would have been safe to say England top of the group, Argentina 2nd. 

That is not going to be the case if Japan or Samoa have any say in it. 

Here is how the teams line up in Pool D

Chile – it is their first World Cup and they will be loving the experience. Their goal is to pick up a shock win against either Japan or Samoa but it isn’t very likely. 

They did shock the USA to get to the tournament, so who knows…

Samoa – hasn’t picked up any impressive wins since the start of 2022. They will however be strengthened in the same way as Fiji and Tonga with ex-international players switching allegiances to them.

On a good day, they can push either England or Argentina close but their World Cup will probably revolve around beating Japan and Chile

Japan – knows how to pull off a shock win. They have beaten both South Africa and Ireland in the last two World Cups. 

If anyone is going to shock Argentina or England, it will be them

Argentina – they are a perennial powerhouse. They haven’t been a well-oiled machined in years but they have picked up some notable scalps in recent history. 

They beat New Zealand in New Zealand last year and also beat England, Scotland, and Australia.  

Their top players play in Europe and will be up to the conditions in France

England – no one has blown as hot and cold as England in recent times. They pick up impressive wins and then have baffling losses. 

They have had two years of horrible 6 Nations tournaments and were beaten by South Africa and Argentina at the end of 2022. Somehow they were able to salvage a draw against New Zealand though! 

They don’t lack the talent but definitely lack the cohesion. 

The stupidest move in a World Cup year has been to drop Eddie Jones. 

As a result, this might shape up to be a very strange group

I do believe though that it is likely to end as follows: 

  • Argentina
  • England
  • Japan
  • Samoa
  • Chile