The Quarter Finals: Wales vs Argentina

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Wales vs Argentina game is going to be a dogfight. 

Out of the 4 quarter-finals, this one is likely going to be the biggest scrap. If at times the rugby is chaotic and unpredictable it is exactly what you should expect from this game. 

Wales have had a good couple of group games and only looked vulnerable against Fiji. The display they put up against Fiji to come away with the win was really a showcase of resilience and a good old never-say-die attitude. 

The Welsh players were literally bloodied and bruised but at the end of the game, the scoreboard was in their favor. 

They moved past the other 3 times with a lot more comfort. The win against the Wallabies looked like a simple formality and despite some early resistance earlier on in the game, there wasn’t any real resistance. 

The biggest worry for Wales in this game is injury-related. They have a couple of players who are not match-fit at the moment, including Dan Bigger who suffered a pectoral injury. If they don’t pitch up with a full-strength side, then Argentina might take this one. 

Argentina has been blowing hot and cold in this World Cup so far. I fully expected that they would beat England in that first game but they were absolutely demolished by the English side.

Since then they have slowly improved and ended strongly against Japan to secure their quarter-final spot. 

But there does seem to be something missing from this Argentina side at the moment and it is difficult to put my finger on it. 

I don’t believe it is a lack of personnel. They have some world-class players on the team and they are a fiercely passionate group of players. 

But it does seem like something is missing in terms of their mentality and self-belief. 

My prediction for this one is that it is going to be a win for the Welsh. They have been warriors and have gotten the job done and this is just such a situation again. Despite injuries, they have shown that they will pitch up in a big way. Results from the 6 Nations are a distant memory…

Argentina are just a little off the pace at present and if they manage to conjure up something out of nothing and come away with the win, it would be very special indeed. 

It is the World Cup though and from here on in, it doesn’t matter how that win comes, as long as it comes!