World Cup Losers 2023 – Argentina

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There isn’t a lot that would keep Argentina from going far in the World Cup but they will likely fall just short of the finish line. 

They have players who are accustomed to the playing conditions in France, with most of their players playing in France or the UK. They are also in the weakest pool with England, Japan, Samoa, and Chile. 

They should get out of the pool stage, beat the Pool C opponent in the quarterfinal but then be up against it in the semis.

That is where things will most likely fall apart:

  1. The big guns in the semis – in the semi-finals, they will meet one of the monsters from either Pool A or B. A team that has probably gone through hell to make it there and who will be battle tested. This can be New Zealand, France, South Africa, or Ireland.

  2. Inconsistency – when they get to the semis, it is hard to tell which version of Argentina you will get. You will 100% get the passion but that doesn’t mean the execution will be there. Since the start of 2022, they only won 6/16 games.

If they get to the final, it might result in a fairy tale ending, especially for someone like the iconic Augustin Creevy. 

Everything needs to work in their favor in the semis though to get to their first final.