World Cup Losers 2023 – Scotland

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Scotland will likely not get far and it feels unfair. 

The heart that Scotland shows when they play and their recent performances against France, show that they are an absolute top side. They deserve to be one of the top 5 teams in the world and they don’t just make up the numbers. 

They do however have a couple of the biggest obstacles to overcome if they want to get to the final:

  1. The pool of death – they are part of Pool B where they will compete with Ireland and South Africa as well as a much improved and dangerous Tonga. Just getting out of the pool stage will be massive for them.
  2. The quarters – the quarterfinals are not better in any way. They will be up against either New Zealand or France in the quarter-finals should they make it out of the pool stage.
  3. No Hogg – Stuart Hogg would have retired after the World Cup but he announced his retirement in July and won’t be playing for Scotland. Hogg has always been deadly for Scotland, is their leading try scorer, and is an icon of Scottish rugby. In combination with Finn Russel and Duhan van der Merwe, they would have been a frightening force.

Everyone loves an underdog and Scotland will definitely be one at the World Cup. 

I just feel there are just too many hurdles in their way as they try to get to the final.