World Cup Surprise Packages 2023 – Samoa

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Samoa are looking better and better with each passing week leading up to the World Cup. 

Their game against Ireland was especially impressive. On paper, they should not have come close but were actually unlucky to lose to the world #1. 

They were in the game all the way to the end with 3 silly mistakes costing them their chances in the final 4 minutes. 

If those types of mistakes can be overcome, they do have enough skill and heart in that team to cause upsets. 

In pool D, it looks like they are the most likely ones to go through with Argentina. England is dreadful and they aren’t showing any signs of turning that around. Japan has also been on a multiple-game losing streak and is a far cry from the iconic team from the 2019 World Cup. 

Their squad was also bolstered by the World Rugby ruling in favor of the island nations which saw many native Samoans returning after stints with top other international teams. 

Will they get to the quarter-finals? Probably.

Will they get to the semis? That is less likely, sadly.