World Cup Winner 2023 – Argentina

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Will Argentina win the World Cup? Not likely but they have one of the easiest paths to the semis.

Will they be competitive, yes. They always are. 

Their unpredictability is one of the major factors that can turn them into match-winners on any given day. 

They should go through the group stage with England, except if Japan has other plans but from there, it is simply 2 knock-out games to get to the final. 

Their quarter-final partner will be one of the not-so-strong teams in Pool C and they should make it through to the semi-finals. 

They can beat the top teams in the world on any given day and picked up All Blacks, Australia, Scotland and England wins over the past 18 months. 

The majority of their team plays professionally in France, the rest play in the UK with a couple at random other clubs around the world. So they know the conditions. 

With Julian Montoya, Matias Moroni, Pablo Matera, Marcos Kremer, and Emiliano Bofelli, there has enough star power. 

Will they fire when it is needed in the semi-finals? We’ll see.